As a Presenter, you have the responsibility of being clear, concise, and capturing the interest of the attendees.

The quality of your presentation directly affects the interest your audience will have in your research and the overall satisfaction the attendees will have of the conference.

Each session will last for 90 minutes and will be opened by the Oral Presentation Chair of the respective theme, who will give a brief introduction and moderate the session throughout. Oral Communications may last up to 10 minutes and must be presented by one person only, allowing the session to include 7 different oral communications and to be followed by a 20-minute discussion moderated by the session chairperson. At the end, the chairperson will conclude.

The official language of the conference is English and therefore all presentations must be delivered in English. If you are not comfortable presenting in this language, you can refer to a colleague, who must be registered, to translate.

Questions from the audience will be allowed if the time is sufficient.

Any supporting document used must be under the presentation template provided.

Deadline for submission of your powerpoint presentation: April 25

If you don't know where or how to submit, please contact the Secretariat on info@wildfire2023.pt



Integrated Fire Management

  • Planning and Preparation
    Defining interventions and resources needed at the community and government levels, as well as ensuring that citizens and organizations are prepared to act under best safety practices.

    Oral Communications sessions:
    Chair: Lara Steil | Fire Management Officer Forestry Division Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

  • Prevention and Pre-Suppression
    Reducing exposure and vulnerability to fire and maintaining a state of preparedness for immediate intervention.

    Oral Communications sessions:
    Owen Price | University of Wollongong

  • Suppression and Relief
    Suppressing fire and providing relief to those affected by fire.

    Oral Communications sessions:
    Marc Castellnou I Fire Chief Catalan Fire and Rescue Service, SP

  • Post-fire Intervention
    Dealing with the restoration and rehabilitation actions required in the aftermath of a fire.

    Oral Communications sessions:
    Jacob Keizer | Researcher, University of Aveiro
  • Qualification
    Training and certification on all integrated fire management expertise areas.

    Oral Communications sessions:
    Michael Bruce | Director of Glen Tanar Estate, Founder of South Grampian Wildfire Group

  • Technical Innovation
    Innovation on software applications and technological equipments and solutions, and operational communications systems.

    Oral Communications sessions:
    José Manuel Mendonça | Chairman of the Board of INESC TEC

Fire Risk Governance

  • Risk Handling
    Dealing with risk perception, assessment, management and translational research, encompassing traditional and indigenous knowledge.

    Oral Communications sessions:

    Chair: Alan Ager I FS Research Forester (Retired), USA

  • Stakeholder Engagement
    Inclusive risk-related decision-making and conflict resolution, regarding multi-level policy design, sustainability, and funding.

    Oral Communications sessions:
    Sarah McCaffrey | US Forest Service (Retired)

  • Adaptive Management
    Process Monitoring and Planning Evaluation for continuous improvement and lessons learnt and analysis of physical and social impacts due to changes in fire governance.

    Oral Communications sessions:
    Chair: Toddi Steelman I Stanback Dean, Nicholas School of the Environment Duke University, USA

  • Communication
    Risk Communication – exchanging or sharing risk-related data, information and knowledge between and among different groups such as scientists, regulators, industry and general public; Public report of system performance.

    Oral Communications sessions:
    Chair: Eduardo Simões | IIntegrated Researcher at DINÂMIA’CET-ISCTE

  • International Cooperation
    Cross-border cooperation on training, best-practices, and standards.

    Oral Communications sessions:
    Chair: Johann Goldammer | Director, Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC), DE
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