So much to see, so much to feel!

As part of the 8th IWFC, Technical Visits in English-speaking are available to participants upon registration. The locations for technical visits are conveniently located in and around Porto. Round-trip travel from the Conference venue to the venues is arranged for groups up to 50 participants with a minimum of 20 (each).

1) Monte Aloia

Monday, 15 May 2023 - 9 am - 4:30 pm

Price: 165€

Monte Aloia is the fi rst natural park in Galicia (1978), and was considered a Natural Site of National Interest in 1935, the result of a major forest intervention that began in 1910 as a result of the commitment of the Municipality of Tui.

The protected area, with about 750 hectares, involves community property and private land. It receives more than 15 thousand visits per year. It has a forest orientation (since its origin) essentially aimed at protecting forests, environmental education and leisure and tourism. In recent years, after 2017, there has been a large investment in the infrastructure of forest defense networks against fi res, whether in the execution of protection strips for clusters, protection of architectural and archaeological heritage and also infrastructure.

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We believe that these and other differences and given the proximity will be very interesting to observe. On the trips to Paredes de Coura and Tui, theforest landscape is very diverse and so is the impact of the fi res!


09:00 am | Departure from Porto

10:30 am | Arrival at the Protected Landscape of Corno do Bico

Reception by the Municipality of Paredes de Coura

Presentation of the Rural Laboratory

Visit to the Rede Primária (short 30-minute walk, round trip)

1:30 pm | Lunch

Fortaleza de Valença

3 pm | Visit to Monte Aloia Nature Park (Tui)

4:30 pm | Return to Porto

1) Vila Pouca de Aguiar

Monday, 15th May 2023 - 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Price: 70€
(VAT included)

LIFE MARONESA is a Governance, Information and Climate Action project, which aims to implement strategies to adapt to climate change through a sustainable model of extensive livestock production.

Addresses the problem of abandonment of mountain pastures, particularly in common areas, the increase in the intensity of summer rural fires, the reduction of the stock of carbon sequestered in the organic matter of soils in mountain areas and the effective reduction of the Maronesa breed.

IIts main objective is to improve the climate resilience of livestock farms and promote increased carbon retention in soil organic matter.

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© CM Vila Pouca de Aguiar

The project is based on a demonstration model of agricultural and livestock practices, which have been integrated by a vanguard producer, and which will be integrated intofour replication areas, through producers who follow this exploration model.

The intervention areas are located in the 4 most representative municipalities of Solar da Raça Maronesa, Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Vila Real, Ribeira de Pena and Mondim de Basto, the region with the highest number of Maronesa cattle farms.


8:00 AM | Departure from Porto – Alfândega do Porto Congress Center

10:15 AM | Reception - Ferreirinho, Telões

10:30 AM | Visit to the Maronesa Life Project

12:45 AM | Cocktail-style lunch at Casa de Telões

2:30 PM | Departure to the Adventure Park from Ribeira de Pena

3:30 PM | Activities in the Adventure Park *

6:00 PM | Return to Porto

* Please note that If you want to book the “Fantasticable” activity (Aventura Park, Ribeira de Pena), you can purchase it on site for €25

2) REN | Forest Defense Networks - Parque Serras do Porto

Monday, 15th May 2023 - 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Price: 30€
(VAT included)

In Portugal, REN has about 10,000 kilometres (around 36,000 hectares) of power line and gas pipeline easements, with more than 66% of these easements (23,000 hectares) in forest areas. In the last five years, REN has managed vegetation on more than 44,000 hectares (7,200 hectares in 2022). Due to the company’s relevance in defending the Forest, REN has been implementing a series of vegetation management strategies that, in addition to providing security to its infrastructure, increase the resilience of the territories to the risk of wildfires.

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© CM Paredes

In addition to learning in detail about REN’s vegetation management strategy, during this initiative this technical visit will include the presentation of a system that monitors the forest through optical cameras, while simulating and predicting the fire’s behaviour (a project involving the University of Coimbra and whereness).

Additionally, we will look at a plan to enable a territory (Serras do Porto Park) to fight wildfires, based on the facilities already present on the land, with the participation of ForestWISE (collaborative laboratory that promotes the integrated management of forest and fire, based on (co)research and development

activities, knowledge transfer, and technology), Parque Serras do Porto (municipal entity that manages the land), REN (the energy infrastructure manager present in the land), and The Navigator Company (one of the world’s leading players in the pulp and paper industry and one of the largest owners of that


REN will also demonstrate two pioneering machines for clearing forests and preventing fires – the RAPTOR 100 and the RAPTOR 300, which have improved silviculture and fuel management operations and made the defence of forests against fires more effective.

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About REN

REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais is the company that manages the main electricity and natural gas transmission facilities in Portugal. REN is also operating in the natural gas distribution business through the development and management of the gas distribution network in the northern coastal

region of Portugal. REN is also involved in the telecommunications business through RENTELECOM, which covers a variety of services relating to infrastructure, managed services, and consultancy. In compliance

with all required quality and safety standards, REN aims to be one of the most efficient electricity and natural gas transmission system operators in Europe. The company also holds a 42.5% stake in the share capital of Electrogas, which operates a natural gas transmission system located in central Chile,

and, in 2019, acquired Transemel, an electricity transmission company predominantly located in northern Chile.

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3:00 PM | Departure for technical visit - Alfândega do Porto Congress Center

4:00 PM | Welcome – João Gaspar – REN’s Sustainable Networks and Easements and Carlos Fonseca – CTO of ForestWISE

4:10 PM | Vegetation Management: REN’s Strategy – Pedro Marques

4:25 PM | Resilience Networks of the Serras do Porto Park – Rui Pinto e Ana Sá – ForestWISE

4:40 PM | Fire Simulator – José Moreira – REN and Carlos Viegas – University of Coimbra

5:00 PM | Demonstration of forest clearing and fire prevention machines – Raptor 100 and 300 – Tomás Marques – Bermarthor

5:30 PM | Closing

6:00 PM | Return and arrival at the Alfândega do Porto Congress Center

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3 pm | Departure for technical visit - Alfândega do Porto Congress Center

4 pm | Welcome – João Gaspar – Sustainable Networks and Easements of REN and Carlos Fonseca – CTO of ForestWISE

4:10 pm | Vegetation Management: REN’s Strategy – Pedro Marques

4:25 pm | Resilience Networks of Serras do Porto Park – Carlos Fonseca – ForestWISE

4:40 pm | Fire simulator – José Moreira – REN and Carlos Viegas – University of Coimbra

5 pm | Demonstration of forest cleaning and fi re prevention machines – Raptor 100 and 300 – Tomás Marques – Bermarthor

5:30 pm | Closing

6 pm | Return and arrival at the Alfândega do Porto Congress Center


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